Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Leadership Training

This blog will be for discussing together online the readings for our Via Christus Leadership Training Course, as well as any other topics you all wish to bring up. I will try to post a discussion question here a couple times per week. Please make an effort to interact here as much as possible.



Julie said...


JillF said...

I've never blogged before so I'm just tryuing to see if it works.Jill

JillF said...

OK, now I know. I never imagined myself in a movie before,or what the movie would be; but I guess mine would be an adventure because I like action. Maybe I'd be a dectective because I am analytical. I would have several identities because life has required me to have some different roles. And I would be looking for a way to influence others because I am always wanting to lead. I would frequently be on a path through the wilderness because I love the outdoors. I would want to have students to learn about taking care of the planet. But I'd also want to teach them about their health. Then I'd want to teach them about how to make artwork. Sounds skitzo doesn't it?

Mike Clawson said...

Not too schizo, just... well-rounded. :)

Your movie sounds a little bit like Alias, the tv show about a CIA spy that is always changing her identity for different missions.

It sounds like you have a lot of passions, and a real desire to share those passions with others. That's a good mark of a leader.