Sunday, October 29, 2006

Addl Reading - Traveling Mercies

I tried to read this book but was unable to get very far in it. The introduction or Overture as she calls it is pretty long and I couldn't get through it. Has anyone else read this and willing to share some thoughts?


gerbmom said...

Hey Matt,
I loved this book. I read her book Operating Instructions first and I thought it was great and so I had some insight into her life before I started Traveling Mercies. For me, it was an excellent look at how Christianity is played out in a far different way than anything I had ever experienced. It was refreshing, and it really made me think about various issues/biases in my own life. I read it at a time when I was experiencing a huge change in my life, a time when my whole world shifted in a crazy unexpected way.
So, yes, I identified with a lot of what she said, and she got me thinking in some new ways. Try Operating Instructions to see where her journey actually began, and for some humorous and insightful anecdotes regarding the birth of her son....

Mike Clawson said...

Yeah, Operating Instructions does kind of give more of a chronological timeline and introduction to some of the events and characters that she refers to in the beginning of Traveling Mercies. I remember reading TM for the first time and having some difficulty keeping all the events and people straight.