Monday, January 15, 2007

How can tomorrow be better than today?

I hope most of you have begun reading Dan Allender's book, Leading with a Limp, by now. On page 58 he makes this comment that I thought was especially relevant to all of us who are trying to create this new church:

"A leader must be troubled and discontent, and he must ask the question, How can tomorrow be better than today? He must be a visionary, living in the tension between how to honor what is good and true today and yet be discontent with today in light of what could transpire tomorrow. He is torn between what is and what could be, yet he speaks the future into the present due to his compelling desire for change."

Thoughts? Reactions? Can you identify with this in your own life and experiences in leadership?


gerbmom said...

Yup. And it I don't do so well with it......

Jen said...

this sounds in part like the definition of a prophet that ministry classes speak of. Today's prophets make plain the problems in our world/culture/church and challenge us to transform in the image of Christ.
The other part, holding on to tradition I think is vitally important. Tradition must have meaning or else it can become irrelevant legalism. If we hold to tradition that has meaning that is taught regularly and also seek new ways that are deeply rooted in the current culture to glorify God this is what I see being a recipe for meaningful and glorifying worship.