Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Your Personality Type

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this blog. I would still like for us to use it as a place for conversation. You should all be reading NT Wright's book, The Last Word, by now and preparing to discuss it next Thursday (Jan 18).

However, that's not what I'd like for us to talk about at the moment here. I'd actually like for us to share about our Myers-Briggs types. If you haven't taken it already you can take the test here, and read more in-depth about your preferences and type here. Then come post here what your personality type is and a little bit about what that means for you personally.


gerbmom said...

Well, I can do the first part: I have taken this stupid test 3 times over the last year. It always comes out the same.....INFP. Yes, I am an introvert. No big surprise there. Introverted kind of hinders me in ministry opportunities, but I am trying to push myself out of my box a bit.....we'll see what 2007 brings.
I am intuitive. I thought I was more of a sensor, but every time I take the darn test - except once, it came back intuitive. Maybe it is that I used to be a sensor, and have changed over the last couple years. I have really gone through a lot of changes and this may just be the result of that. I still do appreciate facts and details. But maybe, unless it's critical for the well being of all, I have tended to soften some in this area.
And then, I am a feeler. Again, no surprise. My decisions are always based on how things affect others. How something will make them feel. I always seem to put myself in the other person shoes. And I will overextend myself for a person in need - especially my friends. Great gift, mercy is, but boundaries are difficult. I also tend, no, I also definitely avoid conflict. Conflict resolution is a skill I am truly working on - but it's hard.
I do have some elements of a judger in my personality. For example, I like to be on time. And I do make lists. But I don't follow through on anything.
I love to gather information. I love learning. I hate making decisions. I'll admit it. I hate deadlines too. And people telling me I HAVE to do something. I procrastinate. Hopefully some of you others will balance me out. It would be a pretty sad church if everyone were like me!

So, with my mix of traits, which apparently only about 1% of people have, I find it hard to be a leader, or role model. I do tend to be self-sacrificing. I tend to be reserved. I tend to not have the ability to relax in most situations. But I do empathize well, I do love, and care, and hurt when others hurt. What can I do with this? Be a mentor? Be a listener? Be an encourager? Cry with those that hurt. Help those it is in my ability to help. And always pray.

Feel free to tell me what you see/think. :)

Julie said...

its funny - I'm INFP as well.

April said...

Well, I just completed the test and am surprised by my results. I came back an ISTJ, which I think is 75% accurate. I would tend to say that I am more a ESTJ, and other times I have taken this test that is what my results have come back as.
I might dare to say that this may be because I am starting to become more introverted, because I am having to...I can't think of too many people that I've met since I moved that I can be with often enough to get my 'flow of energy' from...therefore, I'm learning to get it from focusing inwards.
Concrete, rational and logical...are words that appear in both the ISTJ and ESTJ portraits. Those three words describe me well, if I can't see how something will work I'm probably not going to try it.
As I read more of both of the ISTJ and ESTJ portraits, I can not decide which one describes me more...because I see myself in both of them in many ways.
I guess I could say that I'm not sure which I am at this point, maybe a combination of both.