Saturday, November 11, 2006

Adventures in Missing the Point

Please continue to interact on some of the previous topics if you haven't already. Howevver, I wanted to move our conversation towards the next book Adventures in Missing the Point. (Remember, we'll be discussing this book this coming Thursday at 7pm. If you haven't started it yet, then at least read the first five chapters, and then pick at least 4-5 others that intrigue you and try to read those too before Thursday.

Here's my first question: for those of you who have started reading it, which chapter has been the most intriguing and/or provocative for you so far, and why? Have you seen any places yet in your own thinking where you may have been missing the point?


gerbmom said...

Not necessarily intriguing or provocative, more that I am again encountering some things that I had put on the back burner. Things I really need to deal with, and probably am ready to deal with. Like dispensationalism. Guess it's time to drag it back out and do some research on it.

I fully intended to just skim the book this time, as it was a second reading, but it kept drawing me in; I kept seeing things with different eyes than I did before. Interesting, that while a lot of it was new ideas last time, things that seemed a little out there, that were unsettling to me with my evangelical sensibilities, this time it was more common sense type thinking to me. Not to say that I am totally on board in all areas - just that those few areas don't disturb me anymore. If that makes any sense at all.

Mike Clawson said...

Yeah, I think it is about time to got around to rethinking dispensationalism. It's really completely contrary to the whole view of the gospel that we teach at Via Christus.

To start I'd look into "preterism" (try R.C. Sproul's book The Last Days According to Jesus) and The Coming of the Son of Man by Andrew Perriman.