Friday, November 03, 2006

The Obstacle Of The Banal

I liked what Mike Y had to say here (pgs 29-30) about living life instead of making a living. However as I continue growing the family this seems to move farther out of reach. Although I do have to say that our recent (last 4 years) changes to our financial position counter-balanced this with the exception of buying the new house.

Of course this also plays into my comments here.

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Jen said...

Well if nobdody else is willing to give this one a try, I guess I will...jk.
Being young and single has its advantages that's for sure.
I have the freedom to live life instead of make a living (that is if I forget the huge debt I have from undergrad). The only restriction I have is sometimes feeling like if I don't get married before going to the missions field I'll be alone for the rest of my life and if I'm too quick to decide where I want to go I'll be shutting the door to even more marriage possibilities. really isn't all I'm about, it's just a hot topic at Wheaton.